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I have been passionate about social justice since the first grade when I went door-to-door selling “Avon” beauty products made out of paper, staples and scented pens, raising money for people who were homeless. Since then, I have held nearly every role in a nonprofit organization, from receptionist to Executive Director to Interim CEO. I have also directed corporate giving, helping Chevron and Hewlett Packard to become more effective grant makers and community builders.


Throughout my nonprofit career, I have taught boards how to love fundraising, helped staff embrace their roles and grow beyond their comfort zones, cried on stage in front of hundreds of people while sharing stories of hope and inspiration, helped establish a fundraising social enterprise in the Philippines, and have learned that I am my happiest self when able to help others.


I am thrilled to share the successes and the challenges from my 25+ years of nonprofit experience to help organizations and their leaders thrive.

Nicole Levine, MBA

Leadership Highlights


Receive an analysis of your organization's overall health, including strengths, weaknesses and recommendations for what you should prioritize. 


As your coach, I can help you:​

  • Prioritize your never ending task list

  • Turn your Board into effective fundraisers

  • Develop a productive and happy team

  • Create and implement a fundraising strategy


As your second pair of hands, I can:​

  • Facilitate a Board retreat with tangible, actionable outcomes

  • Deliver Board training on governance and fundraising

  • Incorporate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion into your org's DNA

  • Design and lead a strategic planning process

  • And much more!




Executive Director


Former Executive Director,

Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC)

After serving BAVC for seven years, and through several strategic plans, I knew the Board needed some support and I needed outside perspective on some structural changes to help BAVC use its resources wisely. Nicole provided engaging workshops for the Board to help them rethink what fundraising is and isn't, and she worked with me and the senior team to strategize staffing structures. Nicole is smart, thoughtful, engaging, responsive, and generous. I can't recommend her services highly enough. 

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Executive Director

Southeast Ministry

When I met Nicole I had recently transitioned to a leadership position amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.   

The first thing she did was to encourage me to calm down and trust myself. She then helped me to solidify and prioritize a work plan, better engage my board and bring out the best in my staff at a time of uncertainty and fear. She is knowledgeable, insightful and a great listener. Her skills as a coach definitely helped me address the challenges of a new job amidst a pandemic and to be a much better leader. I highly recommend her for professionals seeking career and personal development.



Global Director, Rainforest Alliance

Former Executive Director,

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, USA

Nicole totally gets what nonprofit leaders are going through because she's been there, in the trenches, and she genuinely wants to use her experience to make it easier for others. She provided a perfect mix of coaching and "doing" that strengthened my leadership and actually took things off my endless to-do list. I am taking her with me as I continue in my career!


Some of my inspiring clients...

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